These mods are out of date and unsupported, sorry!

Minecraft Mods

The Spider Queen
Creepy Kingdom
Vertical Redstone
Motion Detector
Bait Box
Cannon Powder
Glass Light


I played a lot of Minecraft during the alpha period, and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, since it was in such an early stage I experienced all of the content quickly. When I learned about the decompilation effort, and saw the early mods, I knew I had to give it a shot. I found many aspects of Minecraft fascinating, but each area felt underdeveloped, and I was drawn to fleshing out the game.

My first few mods were simple due to the realities of Minecraft modding at the time. After decompilation, very few functions and variables were given names by the community. Most of the useful functions and variables lacked a proper name, and it was necessary to dig deep into many different files in order to get an idea of what a single function does. Before long, I released my first few mods and received a positive response from the community.

My mods became increasingly ambitious as I learned more about Minecraft's codebase. My first big success was with FiniteLiquid, which hit the front page of Reddit a few times. This popularity brought with it opportunity, and I was contracted to make The Spider Queen a reality. The Spider Queen was a hit as well, and after all was said and done I had received over 6 million views on YouTube.

During all of this development, Minecraft was being updated constantly. With each new release of Minecraft, all of my mods broke. The codebase was refactored countless times, which forced me into refactoring my code to keep up. Eventually I had too much on my plate, too many mods to maintain, and no time to develop anything new. After facing this reality, I gave up on maintaining my mods. The cost outweighed the benefit.


I'm very happy with this project overall, and learned a lot about decompilation, modifying Java .jar files, what makes code maintainable, and how to tap into social media. None of my solo projects have brought in a comparable amount of views and feedback. The Minecraft community is truly gigantic, and they are always hungry for more features.