This mod is out of date and unsupported, sorry!


The turret was created for all those times you wanted a mounted gun at your base. Instead of relying on static short-shooting dispensers, you have complete control over the aim. The movement keys control the rotation of the turret, if you hold down shift the aim moves slower.

The spacebar, or redstone input, shoots the turret. This mod also comes with three types of cannonballs. The regular cannonball can break through two blocks, the piercing cannonball can break through 10, the napalm cannonball turns blocks into fire and bounces around. The turret must be placed on either a turret inventory block or a minecart with a chest in it.

The recipe is shown in the video. Visit the minecraft forum thread for discussion and feedback.
You must first read the installation instructionsOnly works on Minecraft Version 1.2.5Download